Residential lighting solutions

At Spectra, we are proud to offer the best in residential lighting solutions. Lighting is important in any home! After all, it is what allows you to see. Whether you need new lighting installed or existing lighting repaired, we have got you covered. Some examples of lighting we have installed include: wall washing, LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, security lighting, and more. In the modern day and age, lighting can range from a simple flick of the switch or a more advanced, technology controlled system.

Everyone’s tastes are different, and when we take on a job, we will always keep your priorities at the top of our list. Do you just want lighting like you’ve had in your home for years, but you want it to be more energy efficient? Great, we can do that! Do you want lighting that can vary in brightness, offering “mood lighting?” We can do that, too! We love our automated lighting systems, but we know that is not to everyone’s tastes. Whenever we take on a residential lighting job, we seek to complete it quickly and efficiently, so you can continue on with your life in your new, brighter, home. Customer service is one of our top priorities so don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about our services.