Outdoor Lighting & Signage

Spectra is your go to electrical service when it comes to commercial and industrial electric work. Why? Our years of experience put us leagues ahead of the competition. We offer affordable rates and quick service, so that when there is a problem, we can get your business up and running again. We are not limited to installation of new lights, though if you are thinking of such a thing, we highly encourage it. We also offer electrical upgrades and repairs that can fix existing problems such as flickering lights, or offer you a more energy efficient solution.

When you have a lighting problem, it is critical for it to be fixed quickly. For this reason, we offer quick turnaround services. When you contact us with a problem, we will set up a time to meet you as soon as we can. Then we will come on out to meet with you and explore what we can do. Ready for better lighting in your commercial or industrial space? Don’t hesitate. We design and build electrical systems, design energy efficient lighting plans, provide outdoor lighting services including parking lot lights, and can provide various other services. We can’t wait to work with you.