Commercial electric

Spectra offers world class outdoor lighting and signage services. Though often overlooked, these services can be extremely important to any business. Why? There are various reasons. One of the most important is safety. Customers are likely to be wary about walking across an unlit parking lot, and for good reason. With our outdoor lighting, we ensure parking lots are uniformly lit, avoiding large patches or dark shadows. In addition to your customers feeling secure, it also helps keep you safe from lawsuits should something happen. Another important reason is that it announces that you are open.

If there are no lights surrounding your property, anyone passing by will likely think you are closed and continue past. Not with our lighting! They will know you are open! Well maintained signs are also important for credibility and professionalism. How many times have you walked past a store where half of the letters are burnt out? Our guess is frequently. What is your reaction? Probably not awe and respect. You may be indifferent, but in many cases it causes laughter. Spectra is happy to fix your lighting quickly and affordably, bringing you back to the peak of respectability. We can also update existing fixtures to make them more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. Are you interested in our services? Give us a call! From installing new fixtures to updating old ones, we are happy to help.